Postscript: CA Perfect Replica Cartier Continues To Rise

That said, vintage 1:1 fake Cartier seems to be the one brand that still defies gravity. Here’s just a sample of perfect replica Cartier CA results from the past few weeks, some at the big houses and some not:
Provenance, condition, era, none of it seems to matter much. If it says “Cartier” on the dial, it sells, and for more than whatever estimate you put on it.

It’s a conundrum because I do consider luxury fake Cartier one of the “blue chips” along with Rolex and Patek, and it wasn’t right that a 1991 Cartier Crash replica for sale was selling for just $30,000 five years ago. But, I’m not sure all of these buyers are observing the same level of discernment that I just discussed as so important in Rolex and Patek.

That said, there’s always been a theory that the best 1:1 replica Cartier buyer is a bit different. They don’t care as much about service dials, polishing, or originality – they just want a beautiful design. But to me, much of the beauty of aaa quality fake Cartier‘s designs and cases comes from their sharp, original lines: The bevels on a Santos or a Normale, or the golden proportions of a Tank Louis. I hope this appreciation for their original beauty isn’t lost.

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