The impact of the cheap fake Omega MoonSwatch CA

RJB: How did the MoonSwatch release affect traffic and discussions on aaa quality replica Omega Forums? What are your feelings about this joint project between Swatch and perfect fake Omega CA?

AB: The luxury replica Omega MoonSwatch launch was huge. Traffic tripled and stayed high for a week. It was just such a hot topic and brought in so many new members wanting to learn about the Speedmaster and Omega super clone for sale as a result of it. We actually created a new Swatch sub-forum because of all the interest. It was interesting because it happened at about the same time as Rolex’s event and, being the main competitor, we always have discussion threads about new Rolex models.

The best 1:1 replica Omega MoonSwatch effectively killed that discussion. A few months on, I couldn’t even remember what Rolex had released. It was also interesting in that there were groups of people who hated it and were genuinely upset by it because they felt it cheapened the brand, and I just didn’t understand that mindset. The aaa quality fake Omega MoonSwatch is a Swatch and is a fun window into the world of high quality copy Omega Speedmasters in the same way a dealer clock or other piece of merchandise is.

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