The new two-tone CA 1:1 fake Omega Speedmaster Professional watches on the wrist

I have tried both bicolor perfect replica Speedmaster watches over the past few days, and I slightly prefer the version in steel and Sedna Gold. Others in the Fratello office felt the steel and Moonshine model had the advantage. There’s no objectively good or bad choice here; it’s just a matter of personal preference.

Although I usually appreciate (Moonshine) yellow gold a bit more, the Sedna Omega super clone for sale CA does look nice on my wrist. This also heavily depends on your skin tone, of course. So the best advice I can give is to try both of them on and decide which one works better for you.

The steel and Moonshine aaa quality replica Omega CA has a more 1980s vibe, which I greatly appreciate. It’s also a bit more toned down than the steel and Sedna one, and the more I look at it, the more I like it, so who knows?! Both versions would look terrific in a white Testarossa or 560SEC anyway.

A bicolor Nixon bracelet with an extendable clasp
The ”Nixon” bracelet is similar to those of the full-steel and full-gold high quality fake watches and tapers from 20mm to 15mm wide. Its clasp has a micro-adjustment mechanism, making it very easy to extend the bracelet an additional 2.5mm on hot summer days. The stainless steel outer links and (solid-)gold center links have a brushed satin finish, while the slimmer intermediate links have a polished finish.

On the inside of the bracelet, all links have a brushed finish. I wouldn’t have minded a bit of gold on the clasp as well, like the Swiss movement fake Omega logo or perhaps the engraved lines.

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