CA AAA Quality Replica Omega Speedmaster 105.003 “Ed White”

I have buckets of chronographs in my collection, but, believe it or not, I have not a single vintage 1:1 replica Omega chronograph. That’s criminal, I know. For the record, the hero selection for my budget was not made under the pressure of me wanting or missing vintage Speedy — quite the contrary. As I have many other super clone watches online and now decided to switch focus to Gallet, I am not on a FOMO hunt for an “Ed White” Speedy. However, RJ can confirm that I keep my eyes open. Once every six months or so, when an attractive Ed White pops up, I run in by our Master of Speedmasters to check if it is the right Ed White to break my piggy bank.

Omega vs. Gallet
If I were to forget my entire collection and imagine that I have only €25,000 to spend on vintage watches, an Ed White would be sitting on top of my list. Do you wonder how can I spread the gospel of Gallet chronographs while simultaneously choosing an aaa quality replica Omega CA that I’ve never owned as my top pick? Well, my path to Gallet is a result of evolution over years of collecting. “Collecting” is the important word here because my Gallet obsession is about the entire range of fascinating, often niche chronographs from a nearly forgotten, currently devaluated brand.

A solitaire vs. a collection
But the question, as it stands today, does not indicate collecting as an ongoing activity spread over decades. It’s a one-off task to invest €25,000 in the best way possible to put together a tiny but personal copy watch collection. Well, a “collection” means that I am not allowed to spend the entire budget on a single watch. Although it requires more pieces, I still decided to make one into a hero — one that would eat half of the budget. I guess it’s kind of natural to make a chronograph the hero choice. And here we are with €12,500. That’s what can buy you a decent cheap replica Omega Speedmaster 105.003 Ed White without provenance, a box, or papers. But I guess you won’t wear them anyway.

Why an Ed White?
If I had to shrink my collection down to €25,000 only, there simply isn’t a better choice than perfect replica Omega Speedmaster 105.003 Ed White for the budget. I even find it still undervalued for what it has in the “package.” It’s the last 38mm Speedmaster with legendary 321 caliber. It has straight lugs, which some find maybe more dull than twisted lugs, but I call it the real vintage style. It has no crown guards, which is good because they often frustrate me when winding my modern Speedy Tuesday Ultraman. The Ed White Speedmaster also comes with luminous stick hands that are way more legible than the hands of other early models. I guess I do not need to elaborate on the moonwatch theme and “Ed White” nickname. Oh, boy, I need Swiss moveemnt fake Omega Speedmaster 105.003 Ed White. It is just a perfect vintage chronograph. Is there anyone around with a nicely sandy-yellow-aged Ed White? If so, get in touch!

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