CA High Quality Fake Rolex Day-Date Onyx Dial Ref. 118208

When we think perfect replica Rolex Day-Date Onyx dials, it’s hard not to recall one of our favorite episodes of Talking Watches with Aziz Ansari in which he shows off his very own Onyx 1:1 replica Rolex Day-Date CA and talks about how he loved it so much he ended up buying one for his father as well. There is just something so mysterious about the all-black aesthetic of the stone dial – as if the time is secondary to the high quality fake Rolex itself.

The particular Onyx Rolex Day-Date replica for sale that we have today takes things to an even more special place as it introduces two diamond markers into the equation, making this watch about as interesting as they come. With this piece, you are getting all of the heritage and weight that comes with owning a Swiss movement fake Rolex Day-Date on a bracelet. You have the iconic day and date displays overtop the stark Onyx surface with the added beauty of the diamond indices. This is a special one, folks.

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